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This course will demonstrate some of the fundamental metatheoretical results about classical logic.  These include the soundness, completeness, and undecidability of first-order logic.  Along the way, we cover some basics of computability theory.  This prepares us to give an overview of Gödel's well-know incompleteness results.  We finish by discussing some considerations from second-order logic. 

Course Text:


Sets, Logic, and Computation, Remixed by Richard Zach (Open Logic Project)



Exercise sets, one mid term, and one final examination.


Course Schedule:


Week 1: Sets, relations and functions


Week 2: First-order logic: syntax


Week 3: First-order logic: semantics


Week 4: Theories and their models


Week 5: Derivation systems


Week 6: Sequent calculus


Week 7: Natural deduction


Week 8: Completeness


Week 9: Turing machine computations


Week 10: Undecidability


Week 11: Incompleteness

Week 12: Second-order logic



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