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The aim of this course is to introduce students to some of the core topics of contemporary metaphysics.  We will look at arguments having to do with the nature of ordinary objects, the relationships between parts and wholes, time and the paradoxes of time travel, whether abstract objects exist, and the nature of metaphysical explanation.  The course will approach these topics from the perspective of both western and eastern philosophical traditions. 

Course Text:


A course reader will be made available.




One essay and one examination.


Course Schedule:


Week 1: What is metaphysics?


Week 2: Mereology 


Week 3: Identity

Week 4: Emptiness

Week 5: Endurantism


Week 6: Perdurantism


Week 7: Paradoxes of time travel


Week 8: Modality


Week 9: Abstract objects


Week 10: Realism and anti-realism


Week 11: Metaphysical dependence and grounding


Week 12: Metaphysical explanation



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