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This course is an introduction to set theory. We begin with the naive conception of sets, showing how and why the naive conception leads to several paradoxes, including Russell's paradox.  We then develop axiomatic set theory, using the Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms.  We will explore how to do mathematics from within set theory and discuss whether set theory serves as a foundation for mathematics.  We will show that the Axiom of Choice and the Continuum Hypothesis are independent from the standard Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms, and conclude by looking at the recent “multiverse” interpretation of set theory.


Course Text:


Intermediate Set Theory, by Drake and Singh 




Exercise sets, one mid term, and one final examination.


Course Schedule:


Week 1: Naive set theory and the paradoxes


Week 2: First-order logic 


Week 3: The language of set theory


Week 4: Axiomatic set theory


Week 5: Cardinals


Week 6: Order


Week 7: Doing mathematics within set theory


Week 8: The Axiom of Choice


Week 9: The Independence of the Axiom of Choice


Week 10: The Continuum Hypothesis


Week 11: The Independence of the Continuum Hypothesis


Week 12: The set-theoretic multiverse



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